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Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our clients the best tax resolution services so that they only pay the least amount that is allowed by law.  We also aim to help our clients get into an IRS payment plan that they can actually afford.

We understand that it is very time-consuming and stressful to deal with the IRS.  This is especially true if you're are trying to negotiate an IRS payment plan.  Here are our goals:

1. Attempt to achieve tax debt relief and tax debt settlement at the lowest amount allowed by law:

2. Work towards a payment schedule that causes least disruption in your economic life;

3. Reduce your stress and anxiety by having us deal and speak directly with the federal tax agency.

We communicate with the tax agencies professionally, so you do not have to.

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Who We Are

Scope and Volume

We help our clients with both IRS and State income debts.  We serve individuals, LLCs, S-Corps, partnerships and small businesses before the Collection and Examination Divisions of the IRS and satte income tax authorities.

Focused Service

We are a specialty professional practice who focuses on taxpayer defense before the Collection and Examination Divisions of the IRS and state income tax authorities.  Because we focus our practice on this very specific area, we are able to give our clients the best obtainable outcomes in income collection actions.


Our primary focus is our client's experience.  We aim to provide services that earn the respect of our clients.  Because of our customer service, our clients refer us to their friends, family and associates who may also be facing tax problems.


We always try to be there for our clients.  At a minimum, we touch base with our clients at least 16 times during the tax problem resolution process.  We do not simply email or leave voice messages to our clients.  We make it a point to have regular conversations with our clients to keep them up-to-date with the progress of their case.

Our Credentials

We maintain our CPA license by undergoing continuous, specialized professional training that ensures that we are current in the relevant tax codes and IRS rules, regulations, practice and procedures. 

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